Artistry Wellness Center

This is what we do

The Artistry of "Healing through the Senses"
Discovering the Healing Power of Touch and Breathing

"Healing Through All Senses", "Whole Body Intelligence"
When we learn to listen to our body signals we come to understand how wonderfully            our body, mind, and spirit can work together to stop anxiety, ease self-doubt and achieve true wellness.

 Specializing in:                            

  • Healing Touch through Hands and Feet
  • Professional Manicures and Pedicures
  • Armoa Therapy through use of Essential Oils
  • Reflexology
  • Rain Drop Therapy (an Essentail Oil Treatment with 9 different oils)
  • Ion Cleansing (Detoxification of body toxins)
  • Breathing Coaching (removes body toxins)
  • Communication Coaching
  • Whole Body Consciousness Coaching

Services Offered

Hand Treatments

  • Essential Oils Manicures
  • Exfoliation Manicures
  • Shellac Manicures
  • Paraffin Therapy Manicures

Foot Treatments

  • Therapy Whirlpool Pedicure
  • Rain Drop Therapy Pedicures (using 9 Essential Oils)
  • Reflexology Pedicures
  • Mini Pedicure Services (designed to meet the individuals needs)

Reflexology performed by a US Certified Reflexologist

  • Hand and/or Feet
  • Rain Drop Therapy (using 9 Essential Oils)

Aroma Therapy

  • Essential Oils used with all Services
  • Essential Oils available for purchase in the Wellness Center
  • Essential Oils education classes available four times per year

Ion Cleansing - Detoxification of Body Toxins

  • Education and Foot Bath Treatments

Coaching - "Whole Body Intelligence"

  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Group Sessions
  • Individual Sessions

"Nothing is as close to us as our body, but there is nothing else that is close to us and about which we know so little."             
                                                      - Gunter von Hagens, creator of the "Body Worlds" exhibits

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